Don't Settle for Subpar Drywall Repair Work

From start to finish, drywall repair is a lengthy and involved process. If you’re strapped for time, it’s best to hire a professional drywall contractor. A licensed contractor has the knowledge necessary to work with all different kinds of drywall. One of the top drywall contractors in Huntingtown, MD is Desler Enterprises LLC.

Not only will Desler Enterprises handle your drywall repair from start to finish, but they will also haul off any discarded drywall for you. Save yourself the time and hassle of tackling a difficult project when you call today.

Drywall Repair


Some homeowners try to save money by performing minor drywall repair themselves. If the damage is minor and you have the experience needed to do a good job, it is perfectly fine to tackle the project yourself. However, it is often necessary to hire a professional drywall contractor. Here’s why:
  • They can assess the underlying structure
  • They can select the correct compound to use
  • They can ensure the repair isn't noticeable